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Evanescent Qualities

Where The Vanishing Never Fade

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I have a tendency to make things go on forever so I'll try to make this as short and sweet as possible. This is a community for writing and posting anything from poetry to a short story, and when I say short story that's what I mean. I don't mean some long thing with about 17 chapters. I mean something short simple and to the point, preferably with some depth. So basically you write it, you post it, we post back or you find it in the back of an old rag of a book you post it and we tell you how what we thought of it. See, as simple as walking backwards. Before you post there are a few ... rules I guess is the simplest way to put it:

1- Constructive Criticism is excepted on original works, but no flames, they don't help what so ever, there a complete waste of everyones time.

2- If you can't accept Constructive Criticism, don't join.

3- You are welcome to play as long as you don't play naughty in my hay. In other words NO FIGHTING. If it's playing around fine. But fighting is not tolerated, got it?

4- Keep cussing to a minimum, a few words are all good. But, if your like a CD I can't play edited. That's a little too much.

5- Posting non-writing rated related is fine, just please don't do it too often.

That's about it, you're all free from here, have fun. Write your heart out!